Album review: Loona – [X X] (2023)

Album review: Loona – [X X] (1)

Release date: February 19, 2019
Label: BlockBerry Creative
Distribution: Kakao M
Genre: electronic pop
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Contains several songs[X X]take place outside the country. The tellers of these vignettes look for the sky above them, strive for the sky and map the space. This fixation on escape represents various desires ranging from self-actualization to freedom and intimacy. It is also useful to think about how[X X]is assembled and returns in a familiar face at the end of the album.

Loona's first reconstructed album as a whole group is actually a brand new EP, containing five new songs and a new intro, doubling the volume of the debut EP[+ +] (2018). Strangely, the new songs are not inserted between the existing songs, but instead are stacked on the front of the album while six songs are excluded.[+ +]Then follow in reverse order. This creates a kind of symmetry[X X]consists of two halves, complemented by two instrumentals (the new one is pleasantly soulful) and two title tracks.

(Video) LOONA [X X] ALBUM FIRST LISTEN & REVIEW! Satellite/Curiosity/Colors/Where You At | REACTION!!

The new title single "Butterfly" is unabashedly experimental. The song opens with a quiet flowing verse on piano chords and soon introduces a cluster of synths and accelerating drums before a clean drop completely erases the vocals except for the soaring hook. The chorus progresses steadily, the bass taking over the quiet rhythm as a cocktail of vocal synths and thin pulses march on. While the idea isn't anything new, I'm hard-pressed to think of the last pop idol who ditched their first chorus to such an extent.

The drop itself is fantastic: bold and handsome. Its lightness also gives some space to the previous texts. "Butterfly" sings about the desire to soar to the sky, but with someone; remove to be more precise. Producers G-High and Jaden Jeong carefully phrase to control the connotations of the love songs, though both songs feel important. Flight is the ending: "I feel like I'm being reborn" and "I'm becoming more and more perfect." Companionship is key: "wings that carry me", someone "I better be here."

G-Hoch ([X X]again heavily produced by the MonoTree team) avoids potential sloppiness by changing the chorus in each of the three iterations. ViVi, Yves, and YeoJin enter the second chorus to extend the "fly like a butterfly" hook (sonally and meaningfully), and the third repeat combines the pre-chorus melody and the chorus. Because the beat is so steady, the last 100 seconds of the song feel like one long session, interrupted only by the bridge. It's an intoxicating trance that goes on and on and leaves a lingering aftertaste.

The narrator of “Butterfly” refers to her wish as a dream, and the first half of the album is set against a suitably blurred background. The lyrics are also deliberately unfocused, painting metaphorical pictures and describing abstraction - harkening back to what characterized many of Loona's solo projects prior to her debut. It is a collection of dreamy moments in soft moods and minor keys.

(Video) Listening Party: LOONA "X X" Album Reaction & Review

I love the stunning visuals of "Curiosity" hovering in the air in a private moment ("Within warped spacetime, the blue horizon stretches beneath our feet"; "Look at us together, beneath a sky that seems to burn"). It's set to crisply swaying and smooth synths, and the singers follow this chorus with poise. Both the tempo-changing "Colors" and the melancholic pop ballad "Where You At" are also smooth and pleasant, if more melodic. The emphasis on calm and relaxed production is unnerving for the songs, unless they're otherwise very edgy, I think.

The sensational star diversion is "Satellite". It has a catchy chorus melody with that stuttering pronunciation. It has a fast, punchy arrangement reminiscent of WJSN's work. It is also by far the most vocally active song since the members put everything into this song. In an amazing sequence, GoWon and Olivia Hye show playful interludes in the post-chorus, while YeoJin and ViVi pick up the pace, JinSoul ends the arrangement with a sharp rap, HyunJin joins him (!), and Kim Lip delivers a funny slide. before switching from rapping to the chorus and HeeJin going back to the normal melody so that Yves and Chuu can return to the chorus. (The farce is that they couldn't fit HaSeul into this role.)

Aside from maybe the massively layered harmonies, I still think this is the best way to use Loona's songs. It's not necessarily hyperactive, but as seen on "Stylish" and even "Butterfly," the vocal flexibility and songs where the frequent exchanges don't get in the way help highlight the sonic differences (and musical personalities) of these members. The relative leveling of the demonstrated diversity of the members is a difficult problem that the group will have to deal with in one way or another.

So "Satellite" is a lot of fun, and its endearing celestial metaphor — comparing the relationship of a planet and its gravity-defying satellite to be together — pays homage to several motifs from Loona's past. (Right now, the group legitimately has several albums of space songs.) It also offers something exclusive to the release that differs from the titles above.

(Video) 🦋 A Super Confused Unboxing of Loona 이달의 소녀 1st Mini Repack XX (LE + Norm A&B)

And there is indeed a certain hidden fear at the end of the new songs. In Haze, we experienced, among other things, wishes for escape, fantastic journeys under the scorching sky and enigmatic passionate thoughts about inevitable love ("Colors"). At this point the album also changes[+ +]and its clarity.

"Stylish" wakes us up (almost too rudely) with its sharp, stuttering synths. His confident declarations of love are still confident, but staged to a clear, cheerful tune. "Heat" again expresses the desire to soar higher in the night sky, here seeking mutual intimacy: "Let's fly higher, trust me // I'll fill you up more, above the sky // I want to soar higher." , end. ” The intensity of the sound rises almost continuously in these five songs, and soon we are back where it all began.

In this context, "Hi High" is a fulfillment[X X]a dream, a catharsis for his emotional strengthening. In particular, it is a brighter mirror of "Butterfly", less gloomy, more lively, the desire to fly clearly motivated: "Say hi hi hi hi hi // So I could say hello // Take me high high high high high // Take me a." a little further". The lighthearted nature of the song and the punchy outro, combined with the nostalgic feel of the bridge, made for an oddly appropriate icing on the cake. As we wrote, "Hi High" is anything but perfect, it would have been great if the song had went to emotional depths she only alludes to (and enhanced the text), but works, in this strange but effective repurposing.

[X X]it has an interesting vision that begs to be seen, and as a repackage it adds quality songs that expand the reach of the original album by adding context. At times it lacks cohesion and the production hides some of Loona's individuality, but this is a polished and confident package. To get here, Loona had to shoot for the moon; Therefore, the heavenly focus of these songs is also their story.

Tracklist (tracks included inclear)

(Video) LOONA 'X X' Album First Listen

  1. X X
    Slyberry (BADD), Kim Jin-hyung (BADD), Billie Jean (BADD)
  2. butterfly
    Written by G-High (MonoTree) and Jaden Jeong; composed and arranged by G-High
  3. Satellite
    Written by Znee (153/Joombas) and Jaden Jeong; composed by David Amber and Ashley Alisha (153/Joombas); arranged by David Amber
  4. curiosity
    Written by Park Ji-yeon (MonoTree); composed by G-High and Ashley Alisha; hosted by G-High
  5. For coloring
    Written by Dali and Jaden Jeong; composed by Billie Jean, Hickey, Kim Jin-hyung; arranged by Billie Jean
  6. Where are you
    Written by Park Ji-yeon; composed by Daniel Kim, McKay, Ylva Dimberg; arranged by Daniel Kim
  7. Stylish
    Written by Iggy (Oreo) and Lambo (Oreo); composed by Michael Macdermid, Emma O'Gorman, Marc Lian, David Brant, Iggy
  8. perfect love
    Napisao Citroen; skladao Yoon Jong-sung (MonoTree) i Le'mon; Arranged by Yoon Jong-sung
  9. warmth
    Written by Seo Jeong-ah; composed and arranged by Brooke Toia, Daniel Caesar, Ludwig Lindell, Adelen Steen
  10. favourite
    Written by Kim Soo-jung, Dali, Jaden Jeong; composed by Billie Jean, Sophie, Slyberry, Kim Jin-hyung; Arranged by Billie Jean, Slyberry, Kim Jin-hyung
  11. Hello high
    Written by Jaden Jeong, GDLO (MonoTree), Hwang Hyeon (MonoTree); composed by Hwang Hyeon, GDLO, Mayu Wakisaka; edited by Hwang Hyeon and GDLO
  12. + +
    Kustos: Hwang Hyeon, NOPARI (MonoTree), GDLO, Artronic Waves, Billie Jean, Slyberry; u aranžmanu Hwang Hyeona

Album cover ofThe music of bugs. Translation of the text by the author.

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What is the best Loona album to buy? ›

Loona Albums
  • The Dream Chapter: MAGIC. TOMORROW X TOGETHER. 270,673 listeners. ...
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  • [X X] Loona. 238,436 listeners. ...
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  • Chuu. 이달의 소녀

Why are loona albums expensive? ›

The album has since gone out of print and has become pretty rare. Even though this album only came out a few years ago and Loona is still a relatively new K-Pop group, the album being out of print has made it hard for some of their fans to find. A copy recently sold for $203.

How many loona albums are there in total? ›

The discography of South Korean girl group Loona consists of one reissue, five extended plays (EPs), and twelve single albums.

How do I get loona albums? ›

What kpop albums are worth buying? ›

  • BTS' “Map of the Soul: Seven” (2020)
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  • Twice's “Eyes Wide Open” (2020)
  • TXT'S “Chaos Chapter: Freeze” (2021)

What is loona most expensive? ›

I have heard that LOONA, was the most expensive girl-group to debut, because of ambitious plan of their agency. According to media estimates, LOONA has spent about four billion won (~$3,327,600 USD) before the group has even made their debut.

Is LOONA the biggest girl group? ›

Looking at all South Korean musical acts, Loona is now the sixth name from the country to land on the Pop Airplay chart, following in the footsteps of the aforementioned Blackpink, BTS, Psy as well as Monsta X and BTS member Suga, who also releases music on his own.

Which LOONA solo is the most popular? ›

  • Chuu - Heart attack.
  • Kim Lip - Eclipse.
  • Yves - New. A tier.
  • Heejin - Vivid.
  • Olivia Hye - Egoist.
  • Choerry- Love cherry motion.
  • Jinsoul - Singing in the rain. B tier.
  • Haseul - Let me in. C tier.
Mar 20, 2021

How much are LOONA members in debt? ›

Dispatch reported that each LOONA member, excluding Chuu, is 200 million won (approximately $153,500) in debt despite earning 18.6 billion won (approximately $14,275,000).

Why was LOONA sued? ›

Four LOONA members win lawsuit to terminate contracts with agency BlockBerry Creative. Before you read: LOONA's Chuu expelled from group over 'violent language and misuse of power'

Does LOONA cost money? ›

Our subscription options are: 1-month subscription,3-month subscription and 1-year subscription with a 7 day trial, (price may vary by location). Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

Can you use LOONA for free? ›

Free Use. You may use some functionalities and features of Loóna Services free of charge.

What is the rarest kpop photocard? ›

1. BTS's Jungkook – Butterful Night. The highest-priced K-pop photocard to have ever been sold belongs — unsurprisingly — to Jungkook. The vocalist from BTS holds three out of the ten most expensive photocards to have ever been sold, with the most expensive one belonging to the Butterful Night event.

What Kpop album has the most inclusions? ›

Out of all of the BTS albums I own, The BTS BE Deluxe Edition is probably the one with the highest number of goodies. This is another album that I talked about in my 10 K-Pop Albums that are Worth the Money | 2021 Edition.

Which kpop album has the most photocards? ›

5-13 Photocards per album: Every TWICE Album

The one K-Pop group that always takes the cake with the high number of photo cards they give you is TWICE. Almost every album includes 5 or 6 photo cards. Plus, if you pre-order the albums, you almost always get a full set of photo cards that has photos of each of the girls.

What is the rarest K-pop album? ›

1. Lee Soo Man New Age 2 LP Vinyl Record

And finally, an even rarer 1989 vinyl record from Lee Soo Man has an incredible listing price of $235,000.00!

What is the most sold album by a Korean girl group? ›

Aespa's 'My World' becomes most-sold album from K-pop girl group on 1st day. SEOUL, May 9 (Yonhap) -- K-pop girl group aespa has set a new record by selling about 1.37 million copies of its third EP, "My World," on the first day of its release, the group's agency said Tuesday.

Who is the first K-pop group to enter Billboard? ›

Wonder Girls was the first K-pop act to enter the Billboard Hot 100, doing so with "Nobody" in 2009.

Which LOONA member got plastic surgery? ›

jinsoul recently got plastic surgery for loona's comeback, “so what” and i can't help but notice it every time i look at her. i think everyone had considered her the main visual ever since her debut, i even believed her to be one of the most gorgeous idols of all time, but all of that changed.

Is LOONA more popular internationally? ›

Because LOONA is more popular overseas than in Korea, fans have often been critical of LOONA's label, BlockBerry Creative (BBC), for not promoting them well enough.

Is LOONA still popular? ›

So then, since 2018, LOONA has amassed a very loyal international following while still keeping a low (at almost nugu levels) profile in their native Korea. By 2020, the group has attained steady sales figures with their albums, although their singles have not charted high locally.

Why did LOONA disband? ›

The reasoning behind the injunctions was allegedly the member's lack of trust in their agency. This would mean that any future activities between the group and Blockberry Creative would prove to be difficult, and for this reason, it would justify ending the contracts in the near future.

Who is the most liked LOONA members? ›

I think Chuu is the most popular in Loona. Not only is she popular in Korea, but also in other countries. She has a lot of fans and is very much biased.

What makes LOONA so special? ›

They gave each and everyone LOONA member their own solo song, which doesn't ever really happen with other girl groups, or kpop groups for that matter. LOONA has created their own concept. Their biggest strength is variety and range in their music, which makes them very unique, and also very likeable to K-pop fans.

Why isn t LOONA popular in korea? ›

There are multiple reasons: They come from a small company. BBC isn't a big company, and usually groups under big companies get the most attention. Fans usually look out for juniors of their idols from the same company, while Loona doesn't have really popular seniors.

Who are the extroverts of LOONA? ›

Extrovert MBTI is grouping of the five members of LOONA who got MBTI with first letter "E" (Extrovert): HeeJin, YeoJin, Kim Lip, Choerry, and Chuu.

What is the gender ratio of LOONA fans? ›

LOONA had a slight majority female fanbase in album sales, with 57.5% female and 42.5% male.

Which LOONA members are ending their contracts? ›

LOONA members Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul and Choerry have terminated their exclusive contracts with K-pop agency Blockberry Creative.

Who has the least amount of lines in LOONA? ›

  • Vivi(10 times)
  • Hyunjin(6 times)
  • Olivia Hye&Jinsoul(4 times)
  • Kim Lip&Yeojin&Choerry(3 times)
  • Go Won&Haseul&Yves(2 times)
  • Heejin(once)

Does LOONA have a disease? ›

It is implied Loona has syphilis, as she asks if Blitzo's adoption anniversary gift is a cure for it, before angrily rejecting his gift.

Did Chuu get expelled from LOONA? ›

Blockberry Creative announces Chuu's expulsion

Blockberry Creative indicated that they, and LOONA's members, ignored speculations and rumors out of dedication to fans. However, the record label claimed that an investigation had found Chuu to have been abusive towards the music group's staff.

Is LOONA disbanded 2023? ›

And in January 2023, some of the members including LOONA Odd Eye Circle won their lawsuits and terminated their contracts. This effectively disbands the LOONA Odd Eye Circle sub-unit. But there's good news for fans!

How many Sleepscapes does LOONA have? ›

Co-founder Nevgen says his goal with Loóna wasn't just to build a great mindfulness app, but to create “the most beautiful in the category.” That's turned out to be a big job: There are more than 55 sleepscapes in the app, each of which took some 500 hours to build.

Does LOONA have dorms? ›

220215 LOONA members each have their own dorm unit now.

Is LOONA popular in south korea? ›

They are popular overseas, but in Korea, most people who like k-pop won't even know who Loona is! In my opinion, I feel like they have worked so hard for the popularity they have right now, but they deserve more. but I hope that in the future they will become more recognized.

Why are LOONA songs not on spotify? ›

because kakao m and spotify had a disagreement, and as a result countless kpop artists such as dreamcatcher, iu and loona, and zico got removed from spotify.

What is the LOONA boycott? ›

The boycott was started on December 8, 2022, with fans of LOONA encouraged not to purchase albums, merchandise, concert tickets, or anything else that would give money to the label.

How much is LOONA a month? ›

Top In-App Purchases
Loóna Plus: 1 Month MembershipMonthly$12.99
Loóna Plus: 1 Year MembershipAnnual$39.99
Loóna Plus: 1 Year MembershipAnnual$39.99
Loóna Plus: 1 Year MembershipAnnual$39.99
6 more rows

Which Loona solo is the most popular? ›

  • Chuu - Heart attack.
  • Kim Lip - Eclipse.
  • Yves - New. A tier.
  • Heejin - Vivid.
  • Olivia Hye - Egoist.
  • Choerry- Love cherry motion.
  • Jinsoul - Singing in the rain. B tier.
  • Haseul - Let me in. C tier.
Mar 20, 2021

Which Kpop group has the best albums? ›

BTS is the act with the most million-selling albums, having eleven, followed by Seventeen, with seven.

Who is the most underrated Loona member? ›

Yeojin: The most underrated member for sure. She's a combination of Choerry's and Vivi's circumstances—doesn't receive fair treatment from BBC, has insane amount of under-appreciated talent overlooked by the fanbase, and in general, one of the least hyped members.

Is Dark Side of the Moon the best selling album? ›

The Dark Side of the Moon is the fourth-best selling album OF ALL TIME. We all know that The Dark Side of the Moon has sold a lot of copies, but did you know just how many? It's sold a certified 25 million copies (and claimed sales are even higher at 45 million copies).

Who is the best-selling girl group in K-pop? ›

Leading girl group albums in South Korea 2022

In 2022, the best-selling girl group album in South Korea was "BURN PINK" by BLACKPINK, with approximately 2.5 million copies sold. Rookie groups IVE and ITZY were the only artists that year to have more than one entry.

What is the most sold album in K-pop history? ›

SEVENTEEN Breaks Record For Best-Selling Album In K-Pop History As “FML” Sells Over 4.5 Million Copies In 1 Week. Just a few days into its release, SEVENTEEN's new mini album “FML” is already the best-selling Korean album of all time!

Who is the No 1 band in K-pop? ›

BTS is also known for its unique style and fashion. They often wear bright colors and match their outfits. Overall, BTS is an incredible group and has earned its place as one of the best KPOP groups. They have a loyal fanbase, and their music and messages inspire people worldwide.

Who got kicked out of LOONA? ›

After Chuu was kicked out of the girl group 'Loona', a company she had previously served as an endorser, is now publicly defending the idol.

Why was LOONA kicked out? ›

Per a translation by Soompi, the company alleged that they were told Chuu recently exhibited “violent language and misuse of power toward [BlockBerry Creative] staff.”

What is the most sold album of all time? ›

Michael Jackson's Thriller, estimated to have sold 70 million copies worldwide, is the best-selling album ever. Jackson also currently has the highest number of albums on the list with five, Celine Dion has four, while the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Madonna and Whitney Houston each have three.

Who is the biggest album seller of all time? ›

Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975) by the Eagles is the best-selling album of all time in the U.S.

What album has stayed on the charts the longest? ›

1. Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon (1973) Since its upgrade from an initial weekly top 10 ranking to its iconic top 200 list in May 1967, the Billboard 200 has remained the definitive barometer for chart success in the music world.


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