Solved: Preparing Windows Stuck After Installing Windows 10 Update | (2023)

After installing the latest Windows updates/during the upgrade to Windows 10 October 2020 update, the system stuck at "Do not turn off the computer while preparing Windows“. Wait and wait, and it turns out that nothing has changed? The problem also occurs when users try to turn on, turn off, or restart their computer.

Issue: Windows hangs while preparing Windows, do not shut down the computer

After installing Windows 10 Cumulative Update to Windows 10 Version 20H2, Windows prompts me to restart my laptop to apply these updates, but now it gets stuck on "Windows Preparing". I've waited a while and tried to fix the problem but no luck. Every time I reboot I hear the sound of one of my apps starting. At this point, anything can help, like a factory reset or something. However, I don't have a disk or disk to do this. Please help.

There are several reasons that can cause Windows updates stuck during installation, system files can get corrupted during the update process, update errors installed in Windows, security software causing the problem, Windows update files, it is Windows updates that have not been downloaded or installed or software compatibility can cause Windows updates to get stuck installing. Whatever the reason, here are some applicable solutions you can try to fix the problem and install Windows updates successfully.

wait a few more minutes

If you are faced with a situation where the system hangs while installing updates"Do not turn off the computer while preparing Windows“. Microsoft always recommendsHopeWindows applies updates to your computer. It may take some time for your system to complete these jobs. So let the computer do its work and wait for hours.

But if you've waited a reasonable amount of time, say around 2-3 hours, and you still can't see the screen go away, try something else.

(Video) [Windows 10] How To Fix An Infinite Boot Loop (Preparing Automatic Repair) *NO SOFTWARE REQUIRED*

Disconnect internet connection

Whenever you see the "Preparing Windows" dialog box, it usually means one of two things; Windows installs an update package that has already been downloaded from the Internet, or Windows downloads additional content from the Internet. For now, disconnect your internet connection (turn off the router/unplug the ethernet cable) and wait a few minutes to see if that works.

restart your computer

A power reset can erase all information in your computer's memory without damaging your data. It is useful to fix these corruption issues on your computer and get it out of the "Prepare Windows" cycle.

To do this, first force shut down your PC and then remove all external devices including power cord, VGA cable, keyboard and mouse, etc. When Windows started, the system booted normally without getting stuck on the Windows getting ready screen.

If you're using a laptop, force the shutdown again and unplug the charger. Now remove the battery from the laptop and press and hold the power button for a few seconds to drain the laptop power. Now just plug in the charger and turn on your laptop or PC. And this screen error (Getting Ready) disappears completely and should appear on the login screen.

Note: When turning on the computer, the boot animation takes 1-2 minutes since the battery is removed. So you don't need to worry, just wait for the computer to boot up. To connect the battery, first turn off the computer, remove the charger, and then connect it. Do not attempt to connect the battery when the laptop is on.

(Video) [Solved] Stuck at "Preparing To Installation" Windows Upgrade

Run Windows 10 Startup Repair

Due to this problem, the system got stuck on Windows screen preparation and prevented you from accessing your desktop normally. This makes Windows Preboot Repair the best solution to fix boot issues that are preventing Windows from booting and crashing in preparation.

To run Startup Repair, you need to boot from Windows 10 bootable USB/DVD. If you don't have one, create one using the link below. When you are finished with the installation media, insert it and press the power button to start your computer. Now press theF8noneF10(depends on your system) to access your system's boot menu. Then choose the boot option, chooseUSBnoneDVDdepending on the media used.

You will see the Windows installation screen on your computer. Skip the first screen and click on the next screenrepair your computerPossibility. This will restart Windows, clickTroubleshoot > Advanced Optionsand then clickinitial repairPossibility.

Let Startup Repair fully diagnose the process. After the repair process is complete, Windows will restart and start normally. If the repair process results in Startup Repair being unable to repair your PC or Automatic Repair being unable to repair your PC, follow the next step.

Uninstall recently installed Windows updates

When Boot Repair failed to fix these boot problems and Windows got stuck on the Windows Preparing screen again, this forced us to boot into Safe Mode and uninstall the recently installed updates. Go to advanced options again, click Startup Settings -> Click Restart -> Then press F4 to enter Safe Mode and F5 to enter Safe Mode with Networking as shown below .

(Video) How To Fix - HP Stuck in Boot Loop, Freezes Getting Windows Ready, Preparing Automatic Repair

After booting into Windows 10 Safe Mode, openSwitchboardand then to goSoftwareand then selectprograms and functionsPossibility. In the left pane of the Programs and Features window, click theShow installed updatePossibility. Now you will see the list of all installed updates. Select the recently installed updates that are causing the Windows 10 Windows Ready stuck issueuninstallyou

After uninstalling the updates that caused the problem, exit Safe Mode andContinueYour Windows 10 PC in normal mode. Now you shouldn't have Windows 10 upgrade problem because Windows prepare won't turn off your computer screen stuck after upgrade.

Reset Windows Update components

If Startup Repair and uninstalling recently installed updates don't fix the problem and Windows 10 keeps crashing, then don't turn off the computerReset Windows Update componentsThis can be very helpful to fix almost all Windows update related issues.

Again in safe mode, open windows services and make sure windows update service, BITS and sysmain service are not running. If it's running, just right-click and choose Stop. Now open C:\windows here you will find the folder namedsoftware distributionRight-click and rename the SoftwareDistribution.old folder.

Use:SoftwareDistribution is the folder where Windows downloads and saves update files, if files in this folder get corrupt or if Windows installs updates with errors, it will cause Windows to hang in preparation. And by renaming the folder to SoftwareDistribution.old, the next time Windows automatically creates and downloads a new software distribution folder, Windows will save new update files without errors. And fix most problems related to installing Windows updates.

(Video) How To Fix Acer PC Preparing Automatic Repair Restart Loop in Windows 11

Now restart Windows and see if the next Windows boot starts normally without the update hanging.

Perform a system restore

If the above methods (startup repair, uninstall recent Windows updates, reset Windows update cache) are still unable to fix Windows 10 not getting Windows ready, you can simply perform a system restore. How Windows gets stuck on the preparing screen and prevents you from accessing the normal desktop, which you need to do againGo to the advanced optionto perform a system restore.

Use:Please note that the restore will not affect your personal files, but will remove any apps, drivers, and updates installed after the restore point.

First go to advanced options and click on System Restore as shown in the image below and follow. Select any recently created system restore points and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.system recovery process.

Running the above solutions mainly fixes (almost 99%)"Do not turn off the computer while preparing Windows"But unfortunately you still have the problemReinstall Windows 10It is the last and final option to get your system working properly again.

(Video) Fix Microsoft Windows Updates Stuck at Preparing to Install

Did these solutions help resolve the issue?Do not turn off the computer while preparing Windows” Let us know which option worked for you. If you have any difficulties in applying these solutions, feel free to discuss them in the comments below.

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